Freshman year of high school was filled with candy and passed notes.

Every break between class, walking to our next class we’d munch on sweet lollipops sold by the student council. All the different flavors too, and then the swapping for our desired flavors. I always felt so lucky to be considered your best friend, knowing your bright personality and your intelligence. You walked next to me, by my left side. Always looked at me as your equal. Your confidence was contagious though. You gave me that part of myself, after walking next to you for four years. You’re right, though. The four years weren’t enough for us, like you wrote in my senior yearbook. There was going to be much more. And now the four years are all there is, all there ever will be.

I only wish… I could have been a friend to you like you were to me. My fear was the only thing getting in the way. Didn’t even think it would have that much of a consequence. I can never forget what I didn’t do for you. I’m so so so sorry.. I don’t deserve anything good anymore.


Look up to the stars

No matter what, we are never alone.

I used to think that we are, that we’re just specks of sand in the entire Universe but that’s also true. There are still other specks of sand watching out for us. Together we can make clumps of sand, which together can make a beautiful sand castle that withstands the ocean waves. Because of Gianni, there were changes made in my life and I couldn’t be happier, freer. That’s what I’m always going to have to remember, to always have fun adventures. There are things we won’t understand, right away, but in the course of time they lead to things that are meant to be.

Don’t worry, I will take care of her. That’s what friends are for, right? I know you will worry anyway, but she is going to turn out great. I see so much of you in her already, so she has that. She won’t only look up to the stars, I’ll make sure she reaches the stars.