Too early to be this dark

The voices return, and my chest is still rising. Why are they returning? It’s too early tonight. A brief glance at the alarm clock tells me it’s only 3 a.m. Too early for them, but not on this night, I suppose. They swirl around so I shut my eyes, effectively silencing the voices that rise and fall. They don’t belong in this world, but when its dark all the darkness is where it belongs so nothing holds them back in this blackness. I briefly wonder where they go when there’s no darkness for them to freely roam through. A long time ago as a child I learned that if you stare at the darkness, the darkness will only become stronger until it consumes your insides. Look away from the darkness and their deciptions. Still, the voices rise, pawing at the covers I hide under. They don’t even make sense, how they exist in this world, they must not be real. Still, I’m not capable of understanding everything in this world and there is no question they currently exist in the darkness that surrounds us. We only have to know how to hear, see the voices that oscillate around us. Finally, I gain the courage to uncover myself, exposing myself to the unreal, and reach out for tbe lamp. With the jump of light from the single blub, the darkness disappears, along with the voices.


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